day 1 recap: works in progress at OccupyDataNYC

Group 1: State and Space
We’re using the web service Topsy to search for tweets related to Occupy events and police actions, positive and negative. After cleaning the tweets of web noise, e.g. http://, we visualize the prominence of particular keywords associated with police misconduct. As a balancing counterpoint, we’re also searching for keywords associated with positive instances of police behavior.
Group 2: The Big Apple and its Core
We are developing several lines of inquiry around key variables in the survey and also making some adjustments to the data to make it easier to analyze (i.e. fixing some of the issues with the date of the survey so we can do an analysis of changes over time). Christo and Ahmad are working on the data in mysql and will share that file. The key variables we are focused on are 1. have/not visited an occupation 2. income 3. class 4. top 3 reasons for participation 5. what are you trying to achieve with your particpation. The last two are qualitative, open-ended responses and we are using manyeyes and our own reading eyes to identify frequently used terms and concepts. We are also pulling out some of the more intriguing quotes to highlight. Our goal, by the end of the day, is to have an overview of the range and frequency of responses to the qualitative questions, as well as an initial assessment of differences in responses correlated to at least the first 3 variables listed above.
Group 3: Video As Data for Action
In an event triggered media lifecycle, what is the flow through media outlets over time?
We’re seeking to map the evolution of an event through media through original source video and the related metadata.

About ktedmonds

I work as a digital media producer, am pursuing a masters in Media Studies at The New School, ride bicycles and mopeds, listen to lots of music, and maintain an unreasonably large book collection for the size of my Brooklyn apartment. Right now I'm developing research on teams of experts who come together to solve problems and create things. I'm interested in games, integrating multimedia in to unexpected aspects of life, and learning to do as many new things as possible.

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